Safe Water Science: Lessons for Live

what is safe water science?

The mission of Safe Water Science is to use science education to raise public awareness of global issues concerning safe drinking water. This awareness will then lead to social action, outreach and service within local and global communities.


Four free-to-download enhancement lessons for use in middle school science classrooms, homeschool or church groups, and other informal educational groups. The engaging hands-on lessons provide a springboard/stimulus for social outreach and service to the community. Additional activity materials are available for grade-schoolers.
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Activity Kits

Each Safe Water Science lesson includes hands-on activities that use inexpensive, common materials that can be purchased at local grocery and pet supply stores. Or, if you prefer, you can order one of our Activity Kits which includes materials for all four lessons.
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free LessonS

SWS kit

Each Safe Water Science Lesson:

  • Provides educators with high-quality enhancement in the area of environmental science
  • Is appropriate for grades 5-8
  • Addresses scientific and societal issues related to global safe drinking water problems
  • Teaches a method used to solve these problems
  • Helps students develop an awareness of safe drinking water issues in our world today
  • Addresses National Science Standards
  • Contains hands-on activities, cooperative-learning experiences, multi-media resources, and research opportunities
  • Uses inexpensive, everyday materials
  • Explores social action extensions, allowing students to apply the science they learn to the world in which they live

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