Our website is mostly focused on green roofing and solar roofing which are a completely eco-friendly and amazing roofing techniques. They work in a direct way, so once you install them, you begin to profit and help the nature right away. However, there are some roofing options which are less direct when it comes to influencing on the environment, but they also help a lot in the long term. We support those materials as well, and today we are going to talk about one in particular- slate.  Many roofing companies neglect slate as a perfect roofing option due to its properties, but not Reilly Roofing and Gutters. This roofing company is our partner since they appreciate renewable sources of energy and love using the roof for helping the environment. So, as they recommend slate, we decided to write a whole article about this beautiful roofing option


The first thing you notice on the house with slate roofing is its elegance. Slate is a smooth material which gives an elegant look to your entire property. It looks modern, and it fits any architectural style. If you want to refresh your house, we recommend you to install the slate roof. And not just for the looks, there is a lot that comes with it as well.

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You can forget about your roof aging because slate simply does not. No matter how old your slate roofing system is, it will look beautiful. It is one of the most long lasting materials out there. You can expect your roof to slate for 100 years which is crazily long. Not only you will save money for yourself but also for your children and grandchildren. Contractors usually give warranties for over 70 years. So, if you don’t think you will be moving in a close future, definitely choose this roofing option.


Slate is not just long lasting, but it is extremely durable roofing option. Natural stone is stronger than any artificially made roofing material. You will not have to think about roof leaks anymore because unlike asphalt shingles, slate is so dense that water will never be able to come through. This roofing system also has a rating A when ti comes to being fire resistant. You can save an enormous amount of money in a case of fire because roof replacement is one of the biggest financial investments and with slate roof, you won’t need one in case the of fire.


Since it is that durable, it is logical that you will have to spend minimum of time maintaining it. Slate is very easy to maintain. Reilly Roofing and Gutters promise you that you will not have to pay for expensive repairs. Many homeowners spend most money simply on repairing the damage after a heavy storm. Slate roofing can withstand almost any weather conditions, so you will not have to inspect your roof after each rain or snow. Also, the wind can lead to nothing to this roofing system

We honestly hope that this is enough for you to start thinking about installing this beauty. Not only it will save energy and money in the long term, but it is also natural stone, and it is hundred percent safe for the environment. For additional information, contact our top San Antonio roofing contractors.


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