Who we are?

We are a group of ecological enthusiasts who want to preserve and protect the environment from negative side effects of the modern way of living. Our goal is by using advanced technologies and materials aid Mother Nature in the process of renewing and healing.

Through learning, Safe Water Science hopes to inspire people to get involved and save the environment. We are not an aid organization. Safe Water Science is a program intended to raise awareness of the negative issues facing our world, through education. Once people are aware of global issues and understand the science underlying those problems, we hope they are inspired to make a difference.

solar-energyWe want to provide informative articles and reports about various renewable energy sources and guides on “How to” actually make a difference. Our idea is to present simple and easy to use advice that everyone can follow and apply. Here you will be able to find stuff on eco-friendly roofing materials, how to guides for water purifiers, green housing, green roofing, backyard compost pits and much more.  Today, we are working with new technologies that offer only the best alternative and renewable solutions for you and your home. We are focused on preserving nature and rotates around educating, manufacturing and installing eco-friendly solutions for your home. Over the years we have gathered a lot of experience in the green industry and have professionals from all fields by our side.

Optional extensions to the guides, lessons, and articles involve social action, such as partnering with a local contractor or expert in a specific field to provide the best possible solution to every homeowner.

The Safe Water Science website is our on-going communication link with the community, providing news, updates, and information. In the near future we want to include the community and allow users to submit their own articles or suggest topics they want to hear more about.