Roof insulation

Importance of roof insulation


Preserving nature and energy is the mail goal of the green movement today. The main principle we try to preach on and let people know about is a green building. Green building is a comprehensive concept that includes every step of the construction process. Design, materials, features, building itself, cleanup, transport- everything. Building green means providing your home or building with eco-friendly features that could help homeowners save energy and money. In the meantime, nature could also profit.

A practice that many people neglect and forget about is roof and loft insulation. Around 25 percent of heat is lost through your uninsulated roof. Energy just slips away without you even realizing it. This is a significant loss of money and energy, so you should consider roof insulation. Luckily, it is easy to install.

How much could you save by installing loft and roof insulation to yor property? How much does it cost? Follow our ultimate guide on roof and loft insulation and be the judge.

How much money can I expect to save?

On average, all researches showed that you could save up to 300 pounds if you just add roof insulation. It is a simple way of saving a nice amount of money.

Does the type of roof I have can affect my options for insulation?

Yes. The roof you own right now should determine the type of insulation you can install on your property. There are some that make it easier and some that make it more difficult. Pitched or sloping roofs are good because you can install various type roof insulation while flat roofs or dormers roofs could cause you some problems and challenges when insulating.

Is there any difference between a warm loft and a cold loft?

If you are a homeowner with a typical sloping roof or you have the top flat then you can choose between having a cold loft or a warm loft. There are certain differences between these two, so let’s explain them:

-A warm loft means insulation right under the roof surface which means you loft space is warm too.

– On the other hand, a cold loft is where your insulation takes place above the ceiling so that no heat from the outside can infiltrate your property

When it comes to costs, there are a bunch of ways how you can insulate. Some insulation options are relatively inexpensive, for example, DIY. You can insulate your home by yourself if you have a bit of experience and some patience. Some roof insulation options, however, demand more knowledge, so we recommend you to call a professional Lawrenceville roofing companies like Georgia Roof Pro for example. Generally speaking, you will have to spend more money on a warm roof solution than on a cold loft. However, they provide better levels of heat retention.

In the end, it all depends on your wishes and demands. If you live in a place where you constantly need to air condition, then roof insulation is definitely the best decision you could make.

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Find out why slate roof is our new favorite material


Our website is mostly focused on green roofing and solar roofing which are a completely eco-friendly and amazing roofing techniques. They work in a direct way, so once you install them, you begin to profit and help the nature right away. However, there are some roofing options which are less direct when it comes to influencing on the environment, but they also help a lot in the long term. We support those materials as well, and today we are going to talk about one in particular- slate.  Many roofing companies neglect slate as a perfect roofing option due to its properties, but not Reilly Roofing and Gutters. This roofing company is our partner since they appreciate renewable sources of energy and love using the roof for helping the environment. So, as they recommend slate, we decided to write a whole article about this beautiful roofing option


The first thing you notice on the house with slate roofing is its elegance. Slate is a smooth material which gives an elegant look to your entire property. It looks modern, and it fits any architectural style. If you want to refresh your house, we recommend you to install the slate roof. And not just for the looks, there is a lot that comes with it as well.

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You can forget about your roof aging because slate simply does not. No matter how old your slate roofing system is, it will look beautiful. It is one of the most long lasting materials out there. You can expect your roof to slate for 100 years which is crazily long. Not only you will save money for yourself but also for your children and grandchildren. Contractors usually give warranties for over 70 years. So, if you don’t think you will be moving in a close future, definitely choose this roofing option.


Slate is not just long lasting, but it is extremely durable roofing option. Natural stone is stronger than any artificially made roofing material. You will not have to think about roof leaks anymore because unlike asphalt shingles, slate is so dense that water will never be able to come through. This roofing system also has a rating A when ti comes to being fire resistant. You can save an enormous amount of money in a case of fire because roof replacement is one of the biggest financial investments and with slate roof, you won’t need one in case the of fire.


Since it is that durable, it is logical that you will have to spend minimum of time maintaining it. Slate is very easy to maintain. Reilly Roofing and Gutters promise you that you will not have to pay for expensive repairs. Many homeowners spend most money simply on repairing the damage after a heavy storm. Slate roofing can withstand almost any weather conditions, so you will not have to inspect your roof after each rain or snow. Also, the wind can lead to nothing to this roofing system

We honestly hope that this is enough for you to start thinking about installing this beauty. Not only it will save energy and money in the long term, but it is also natural stone, and it is hundred percent safe for the environment. For additional information, contact our top San Antonio roofing contractors.

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Solar Roofing in Savannah GA


As you probably know, solar roofing is a new trend that is slowly increasing in popularity. And we are so happy about it. Why? Well, this means that our society slowly begins to understand how we have to get away from fossil fuels and turn to renewable sources of energy such as the wind, water and- Sun! We neglect and underestimate green energy even though we could not be here without it. Constant exploration of other sources of energy will come to an end either way. In this article, we are going to try to describe to you the wonders of solar roofing and how it can help you, the society and the environment. So, keep reading if you love your planet and if you want your home to perform in favor of it.

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How does the technology work?

Acording to South Shore a company who does commercial roofing from Savannah GA,  Solar roofing is a new trend that is slowly winning the roofing market. It is based on a relatively new technology that is even better than green roofing. It is something new and modern. Many commercial buildings use the solar technology for a very long time now but not in a form of roofing. Those big black surfaces that you see on either the facade or the roof are actually solar panels. These are the forerunner of solar roofs. Solar panels have a special cell technology which means that their secret is in the thin film cells that cover them.  Another option is that they are made from water-based silicon solar cells, and this option requires additional protection from moisture. These panels were made of smaller tiles that fit the residential needs too. And that is how solar roofing was born. It is mostly in dark color so it can make your home look absolutely amazing and elegant. This special type of tiles are slowly winning over the United States and not only the States but the world thanks to their technology which allows them to seize the sunlight and turn it into energy and heat. Know, we know that as humans you are probably curious to find what benefits this roofing system brings to you, so keep reading.

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Good sides of solar roof

The elegant look is obviously not the only thing that this roof offers. The main reason why many people lately decided to install this roofing system to their home is the money. You may ask yourself; but it is high to install it, why the money? Well, yes, solar roofing is a high starting expense but imagine how much money you can save in the long run. This technology produces the electricity and heat for you instead of the operator you used until now. To simplify it you will not be paying high bills for electricity and heating anymore because your roof will be doing it for you. Next, this is a very durable type of roof. Many asphalt shingles owners pay thousands of dollars a year only for repairs. This will not be the case if you choose the solar roofing.  Of course, do not forget about its longevity. Solar tiles can last you very, very long time. This means that you will not have to worry about roof replacement which is a very expensive and complicated process. This new roofing option is good not only for you but the environment as well. It is an overall step forward for the society to choose right over wrong and to preserve the environment instead of exploiting it.

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Help your roof and the enviroment


You know that our main mission is improving our environment through small steps in building and constructing. What really annoys us that in the 21st century, people still don’ realize the importance of the environment. It is our only home.  If we destroy it, what you think is your home will also be gone. So why are we doing it? Why can’t we open our eyes to the good stuff that 21st century brought instead of harmful ones? We find one o the biggest innovations in the modern times to be green technologies and green building. This type of building means using environmentally acceptable materials to build something that you would usually build with toxic materials. We recently got into contact with a very high-quality roofing company from Oklahoma City. Choice Solutions or rather Choice Roofs taught us and represented to us a brand new technology. They understood our  mission, our tools, and our goals. Thanks to them, we are here today to explain you a new method of roofing. Roofs are the most important construction components of your house and if we have a chance of improving those we are on a good way. This technology is called green roofing. It offers you the best of both worlds; quality construction and helping the nature.  If you want to learn more just like we wanted, keep reading!

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Why is this method special?

There are many roofing options you can go with. So why choose green roofing? The main difference between any other roofing technology and green roofing is the structure. A green roof has a very complicated structure that consists of more than one layer. This alone makes it more valuable than let’s say asphalt or concrete tiles.  The layers are all equally important and connected one to another. If one doesn’t do the job, the rest also can’t function. We will start with the layer attached to the roof base.  That is a waterproof barrier or a membrane.  This membrane is not biodegradable, so it guarantees you safety and dry home. On top of that, roofers put fabric that has a crucial role.  It protects the drainage system from getting psychically damaged in in the process of installing or repair the roof. The drainage system plays a very significant role in the whole structure of the green roof. It makes sure that the excess water goes away while providing vegetation with enough water to survive. Over the system, there is fabric that prevents engineered soil to clog it.  An engineered soil is put to keep the vegetation fresh and provided with minerals and nutrients it needs to survive. And of course, the top layer- vegetation. These plants make your house property look amazing while doing so much for the environment!

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 The good stuff that comes with green roofing

People have one thing in common; being greedy. It is not something we should hide; we are just like that. Very few people succeed at escaping that part of themselves. Most of us still find things that matter to us most important. That is why we will start by saying how you can benefit from this. A green roof is a big starting expense; we are not going to lie. However, it can save you a lot of money if you look at it in the long term. Vegetation on top of your roof acts as an isolator. Meaning that it will isolate you from the excessive heat as well from the cold. This automatically means that your air conditioning and heating bills will be minimized. Next, you will not have to repair it at all. While asphalt shingles need to be repaired every few and then, green roofing does not have that requirement. And let’s not forget that you will add value to your property and profit when you sell it. Okay. Now we covered that. Let’s talk nature. The green roof can reduce carbon monoxide in the air and heat island effect. Those are currently considered to be one of the biggest environmental problems society has. It has the ability of neutralizing acid rain which will help save a lot of green surfaces around the country.


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Solar Roofing

Everything you should know about Solar Roofing

Instead of spending our time inventing new sources of energy that will never be eternal we should think more about those that nature gave us. I’m talking about those that are given to us for free. We are always massively exploiting those sources that aren’t renewable. The primary one is the Sun. It is kind of funny and sad how we forget about it when we couldn’t even be here without it. One of many ways how Sun can be used as an energy source is solar roofing. To convince you how much it is useful, we will show you how it works and what are the benefits of having a solar roof.

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How does the solar roof work?

Solar roof panels can be made into solar shingles, and those can be further made to look like any other traditional roof type. Solar panels, actually shingles, are also used for facades and sides of the building. They are covered in thin-film solar cells, or they have to have a water-based silicon solar cells which are then protected from moist. Quite often they are made in dark black color to look similar to other traditional types of roofing tiles. Solar shingles are increasing in popularity because of a more elegant and simple appearance they have, unlike big solar panels.Because of a technology they are made by, solar roofs, use sunlight to produce energy and heat.

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Benefits of solar roofing

Like Victor, a roofing contractor who does roof replacement and roof repair in Houston TX, says a Solar roofing doesn’t just mean incredibly good looking home but also free electricity and heat. This means that once you are decided on the solar roof, you can forget about high electricity bills. Solar roofing prices can vary depending on where you live, and they are charged per watt. It may look like a big investment, and for sure it is, but in the long run you can expect to save a lot. When we take away all these „human“ reasons to implement a solar roof, we can also notice that we are not the only ones who profits from this. The environment has a lot of benefits from solar roofing. Aging doesn’t exist in a solar roof vocabulary because this kind of roof is extremely durable and resistant due to an inevitable layer of a special type of glass that protects the tiles from damaging physically. The lifespan of this sort of roof is, therefore, very long. With some care and maintenance you get the best of both worlds; a beautiful looking roof and, therefore, a house and some money savings that can be used for much greater things instead of electricity and heating bills, such as implementing some other eco-friendly building measures. Those can be using ecological materials for constructing like bamboo or clay on example. Solar roofs are a premium type of roofing if you want to lead a more productive life and try to help to save the environment we are ruining day by day.

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Green roofing

Everything you need to know about Green Roofing

Green roofs or living roofs have the ability to reflect the daylight away from your roof surface. During the summer, a temperature of a traditional roof goes over 100 degrees, while a green roof reduces that temperature (for more than 50%). This types of roofs protect your home, attic and its insulation. You can save more than 15% on the energy costs. They are mostly covered with soil and vegetation, and due to that are making your home much cooler during summer. A green roof removes all the pollutants and creates a healthier environment.


  • You reduce the harmful storm water runoffs
  • You reduce the heat island effect
  • You reduce the overall energy bills and noise
  • You get a high level of insulation
  • You reduce the air pollution and gas emissions
  • You extend the life of your roof
  • You get a much healthier environment
  • You get a great place for entertainment and family gathering

Green roof types

There are various types of green roofs available, and each of them come with economic and cost-effective features. Green roofs are replacing the concrete or other roof materials with a garden. A garden must be put on a top of a larger and stronger foundation that can minimize all the flooding issues. These green roofs come in many different designs and styles that allow you to customize your roof as you wish, depending on your needs. The main three types of the green roofs are:

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Extensive green roofs

The extensive green roof is designed for those who want a little piece of environmental beauty. This roof is very attractive because it offers you a practical, comfortable and a low-maintenance solution. They are easy to install and look great. Extensive green roofs are ideal for larger and flat-roofed apartments, homes and buildings.


Semi-intensive roofs are a mixture of both, extensive and intensive green roofs. These roofs have the environmental benefits and the features of both styles. If you want something that looks perfect and is combined with many different styles, colors, and patterns, this roof is the best solution. They are classy, clear and beautiful. Semi-intense roofs are ideal for urban areas, daycare locations, and long-term care facilities.

Intensive green roofs

These roofs are made for those homeowners who like gardening and have the time to enjoy working in the garden on a daily basis.  Intensive green gardens are similar to the traditional ones and need hard work, preparation, and commitment. These roofs do not have any exact specifications or requirements; you can be creative and plant diverse vegetation. They can be customized, which is great, you can combine many styles. Intensive green roofs are ideal for parks, playgrounds, and vegetable gardens.

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In conclusion

Choosing a green roofing makes you step into the future. If you select a green, you can be happy with many great benefits it is offering. However, many points should be considered when choosing and installing these types of roofs, and before you make the final decision, we recommend you to consult with the experienced and licensed roofers. Their knowledge can help you in selecting the best for your roof.