Each Safe Water Science Lesson:


Provides educators with high-quality enhancement in the area of environmental science

Is appropriate for elementary and high school children, and their parents as well. To be honest, it is important to raise awareness among every age group not just the children.

Addresses scientific and societal issues related to global safe drinking water, solar panels, recycling materials, utilizing renewable energy source problems and many more.

Teaches a method used to solve these problems

Helps students and audience develop an awareness of safely utilizing and realizing all the benefits of alternative energy sources in our world today

Addresses National Science Standards

Contains hands-on activities, cooperative-learning experiences, multi-media resources, and research opportunities. We are going to turn our lessons into pdf files but sometimes we might even videos and audio logs to help you visualize the assignment and lesson.

Uses inexpensive, everyday materials

Explores social action extensions, allowing students to apply the science they learn to the world in which they live. We want to make learning fun for everyone but also affordable, most of the items you will be able to find at home, and on rare occasions you might have to spend a couple of dollars to get what is needed. But hopefully that won’t have to happen, our educators are trying to keep it simple but still fun.