Everything you need to know about Green Roofing

Green roofs or living roofs have the ability to reflect the daylight away from your roof surface. During the summer, a temperature of a traditional roof goes over 100 degrees, while a green roof reduces that temperature (for more than 50%). This types of roofs protect your home, attic and its insulation. You can save more than 15% on the energy costs. They are mostly covered with soil and vegetation, and due to that are making your home much cooler during summer. A green roof removes all the pollutants and creates a healthier environment.


  • You reduce the harmful storm water runoffs
  • You reduce the heat island effect
  • You reduce the overall energy bills and noise
  • You get a high level of insulation
  • You reduce the air pollution and gas emissions
  • You extend the life of your roof
  • You get a much healthier environment
  • You get a great place for entertainment and family gathering

Green roof types

There are various types of green roofs available, and each of them come with economic and cost-effective features. Green roofs are replacing the concrete or other roof materials with a garden. A garden must be put on a top of a larger and stronger foundation that can minimize all the flooding issues. These green roofs come in many different designs and styles that allow you to customize your roof as you wish, depending on your needs. The main three types of the green roofs are:

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Extensive green roofs

The extensive green roof is designed for those who want a little piece of environmental beauty. This roof is very attractive because it offers you a practical, comfortable and a low-maintenance solution. They are easy to install and look great. Extensive green roofs are ideal for larger and flat-roofed apartments, homes and buildings.


Semi-intensive roofs are a mixture of both, extensive and intensive green roofs. These roofs have the environmental benefits and the features of both styles. If you want something that looks perfect and is combined with many different styles, colors, and patterns, this roof is the best solution. They are classy, clear and beautiful. Semi-intense roofs are ideal for urban areas, daycare locations, and long-term care facilities.

Intensive green roofs

These roofs are made for those homeowners who like gardening and have the time to enjoy working in the garden on a daily basis.  Intensive green gardens are similar to the traditional ones and need hard work, preparation, and commitment. These roofs do not have any exact specifications or requirements; you can be creative and plant diverse vegetation. They can be customized, which is great, you can combine many styles. Intensive green roofs are ideal for parks, playgrounds, and vegetable gardens.

Scandinavian Green Roof Inst.

In conclusion

Choosing a green roofing makes you step into the future. If you select a green, you can be happy with many great benefits it is offering. However, many points should be considered when choosing and installing these types of roofs, and before you make the final decision, we recommend you to consult with the experienced and licensed roofers. Their knowledge can help you in selecting the best for your roof.